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The design ceiling lamps bring a breath of newness in the panorama of lighting spaces. Once the choice of the best ceiling was reduced by a few options, they was very similar to each other, the form was similar, as well the materials and colors, too. Today, the ceiling design are unconventional devices, that allow the illumination of environments. Giving them a unique stile, thanks to the study and protection of design which are the basis of each lamp.

In some cases, the designers wanted to play on the decomposition of the forms. No more diffuser composed with a single piece, but may small valuable items that combine and overlay, create a new multifaceted form: the case of the futuristic Hope (here the entire collection), designed by Luceplan. Composed of polycarbonate prismatic Fresnel lenses. The prestige for the success shall be divided between the modern form and her excellent ability of reflective and refractive properties, able to amplify the suggestive luminous effect and reduce the energy consumption.

Plafoniera di Design Luceplan Hope Plafoniera di design Slamp Veli Prisma Plafoniera di design Slamp Veli Prisma Large
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To work on the innovation of materials is also Slamp. With his patented Lentiflex® was born the design ceiling lamps of the collection Veli Prisma collection Veli Prisma.
 Its form is light and elaborate, as a waterfall of precious wedding dress. 
The designer Adriano Rachele worked on relation between the lamp and the light, too, creating a new material – Lentiflex® – from the multifaceted surface, that cause shimmering chrome effects. It’s difficult to hold style and design in a simple picture for this ceiling lamp, because the final effect is different, depending in which position you observe the lamp, thanks at an incredible play of the light and decomposition.

The design ceiling lamps are carriers of wonder thanks to their forms, sometimes unusual and totally asymmetrical, sometimes admirable in their perfection and balance. The effect is still great, while transmitting different emotions to those who admire them. Example of the first style is the ceiling Miami designed by Micron, where the chrome metal wires are directed in the same way, in a fit of passion light stretched to illuminate the shadow areas. Almost like a sparkling burst of wind on a hot summer day, here the design wants to produce a situation of break into the room. Breaking the boredom of balance and create dynamism among the elements.

Plafoniera di design Micron Miami Plafoniera di design Axo Light Muse Plafoniera di design Metal Lux Astro
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Axo Light instead seduces with the opposite concept and reflecting of rigorous perfection, with the regulated style and balance in every detail. His answer is the collection Muse, with the ceiling light stretch fabric which represent all the intimate essence. In this varied panorama of possibilities, is missing the touch of eccentric, bringing into the room an indelible stain color. Nothing better than to use a classic material such as glass. Metal Lux thing about it, with the collection Astro 206.385: a concentration of handmade curls of colorful glass, one by one.The glass becomes modern and current and the design that caused it, give it always a new vital impulse. Generally, choose the design lamps (Here you can see other proposals) is a decision that pays off: the house will never be ordinary, but you will acquire more value and reflect the stylistic of its inhabitants.

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