Home illumination

Home illumination

Home illumination is very important from different perspectives. It is an essential element for the correct usability of spaces, since every setting needs a particular type of light, directly linked with the different occupations which are carried out in those spaces.

Home illumination is also important to transmit some kind of emotion to those who live it: different lights, put together in one way rather than another, may create different sensorial feelings. Some types of lighting may create relaxing atmosphere, or romantic or also very welcoming.

This often the case of living room illumination or that of the bedroom, realized through a game of light and shadow giving life to a very suggestive atmosphere.

Home illumination with floor lamp PAN Night  Home illumination with PAN Mika  Home illumination with Sikrea Nuvola
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In other cases you may create a more intense illumination, which may appears less emotional, but which allows to better focus on some particular activities which usually take place in the room. An example would be the kitchen, the dining room or the home office, where we usually study or work.

Illumination may be seen also as a finishing of furnishing and as an instrument to valorize the furniture and the existing complements. Lighting appliances actually – whether for chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, wall and ceiling lamps – have become objects of extreme beauty, which refine the rooms in terms of aesthetic and which contribute to give a unique style to the entire house.

We are speaking of lamps and chandeliers which not only have a practical purpose, but they become real interior design of great style, capable of catch the eyes also when the light is off.

Home illumination with suspension light Slamp Goccia Prisma  Home illuminatione with Sagitta LED  Sikrea Togo for home illumination
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Home illumination – if well studied and realized with certain cautions – is a powerful instrument capable to offer an added value to the house and to increase its market value, relevant point in case we decide subsequently to sell it or rent it. Study a better illumination of the house means particularly understand in which areas we have to place the spotlights, placing them with consideration according to the use of the single rooms.

Secondly it is necessary to understand – for each spotlight – if it is necessary a kind of direct light or indirect and what type of lamp or chandelier may be relevant for this purpose. Finally we have to choose the type of the lighting equipment to purchase (modern, ultra-modern, classic, ethnic style, rustic, tiffany, ecc…).

Only at this point we may start to evaluate the proposals of the lighting store, viewing the lamps in the catalogue to find out the best solutions for our house.

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