Illumination of the Attic

Illumination of the Attic

The illumination of the attic introduces a specific issue which should not be underestimated, since this is a space presenting specific characteristics and particular problems, requiring appropriate solutions. The greatest difficulty, regarding the illumination of the attic, is the reduced space.

The ceiling usually is quite low, does not develop horizontally and it’s made of wooden beams, that is architectural elements which prevent or strongly disturb the installation of suspended chandeliers or anyway of lamps of great dimensions.

For this reason, it is good practice to choose lighting systems functional to the measures included in the area, which will be able to easily illuminate without however reduce the small space available.

Inside the attic you should rather used floor lamps or applique, which are able to adequately illuminate the areas using the space in some alternative way. You may easily find a place for this kind of lamps, which well suits to the attic style. Especially the applique may offer a strong light without resulting invasive.

Illuminando Brik for illumination of the Attic  Perenz 5977 for illumination of the Attic

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In some cases also the ceiling lights may be decisive and able to eliminate the problems light in the attic, however it is essential to choose lighting systems which won’t be too much long in dimension, especially from the point of view of the thickness. On the market there are some slim and solid ceiling lights suitable for the illumination of the attic, above all LED models thanks to their specific miniaturization.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more, you better not miss our detailed study on modern ceiling lights.

In case of choice of ceiling lights to illuminate the attic it is necessary to consider the ceiling height, and in case the height won’t be sufficiently high the ceiling light won’t be able to diffuse the light in the whole area.

The proximity to the floor actually will not permit to the beam of light to correctly open and that would determine, in fact, the indiscriminate increase of shadowy areas into the peripheral parts of the place.

To expand the illumination and improve the visibility on worktables it is possible to use also table lamps, which can make a great difference in case some activities should be carried out on horizontal floors. If well chosen, lamps to be place on worktables, do offer versatility and moderate measures for the benefit of a good illumination.

Sikrea Eolo for illumination of the Attic  Slamp Bach Small for illumination of the Attic

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Because of the limited dimension of the area we have to take into account that the lamps you have chosen must not have exaggerated extension, because they would result disproportionate in such a context. It would be rather preferable small equipments, in order to give the impression to visually enlarge the surrounding space, by making it wider and more airy.

Seeing our catalogue of lamps you may choose and purchase a high number of proposals suitable to the illumination of the attic. Obviously you should value which style is the most appropriate to your house: classic, modern, rustic or ethnic? Once this evaluation has been made you may study our many offers, till you’ll find which suits perfectly your needs.

Inside our online shop you will find this and other valid lighting systems, which will permit you to better illuminate the spaces of an attic, by transforming its weaknesses into strengths.

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