Illumination of the bedroom

Illumination of the bedroom

Illuminate properly the bedroom, the most personal space of the house, is very important. Here a few suggestions on how to do it without mistakes.

The illumination of the bedroom is more personal as it can be imagined from the point of view of the choice of the lamps and chandeliers. It is not important if you prefer a modern lighting style, or classic, or rustic or even ethnic, because what really counts is the choice of the lighting devices which may result of great benefit for the activities carried out inside this area of the house.

As we’ve said before the style is absolutely personal: the bedroom represents the maximum point of intimacy of the house, where people outside the family unit usually have no access. It is therefore understandable and desiderable that within this room the furniture may be chosen, following the liking, inclination and personality of the owners.

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Lamps and chandeliers become an important part of these choices, as they do not represent just simple lighting tools but proper complementary items which contribute to furnish the room following a determined personal style.

How many spot lights to illuminate a bedroom?

When you’re thinking to this room, one is immediately reminded to the light placed on both sides of the bed, in correspondence of the nightstands. My advice is to choose table lamps with spreading light.

Better to choose a light not much strong and preferably shielded, to not annoy the people present.

The illumination of the bedroom does not stop at this, but it becomes complete with wall lamps or floor lamps, to place around the bed in order to illuminate with higher intensity the area. Please remember in fact that – especially in houses with reduced spaces – the bedroom is not exclusively dedicated to the rest but it becomes a place where many different activities may be performed, such as domestic works or physical exercises.

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It would be preferable wall shielded lamps, not to disturb the eyes. This type of space is mainly used during the evening and nights hours, where the light should be more low and weak to ensure rest to the eyes. A particular fascinating idea is that of using a lamp which may adjust its intensity and also in the color, to create different atmospheres, depending on the kind of intimacy you desire.

In each case it is always better to use a ceiling light or a suspended chandelier to place at the centre of the room , in order to have a general and distributed illumination of the bedroom, always useful for some works, like for example, the cleaning and tidying of the room.

A central spot light actually, will contribute to illuminate the entire room completely and uniformly preventing small light imperfections and eventually furnishing anomalies, as for example shadow areas. Plus it will allow to carry out the usual operations, as for example, change own suit or simply tidy up the room.

Sikrea Agata for illumination of the bedroom  Metallux Star illumination of the bedroom

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