Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting usually comes to our mind during spring time. It is absolutely interesting to observe how during this period of the year, when the garden starts to draw the attention, punctually returns as protagonist of our living. Usually outside areas are lived mainly from the beginning of spring into late summer.

During this period, what could be more relaxing than a dinner with family or friends in our own garden? This is where the outdoor lights play an important role in giving us the right atmosphere together with a perfect usefulness. Outdoor lighting may have different purposes, it may be used to define the perimeter of our house, it may offer an easy usability of the pathway access, it may be used to illuminate completely the outside or just the garden.

It may also be used to emphasize with the light just few details like the fencing wall of the apartment, a nice tree, external walls or some decorations on the exterior of the house.

Outdoor lighting with Faro Dorval-2  Outdoor lighting with Faro Das

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In case there is a need to illuminate the outside with the intention of define, corners, pathways, partitions or low walls to easily create the right union between overview and high aesthetic impact, during hours without natural light, we do opt for wall lamps, lanterns and down-lights having a high energy savings with fluorescent lamps or LED lights.

The light emitted from this kind of lighting needs not to be necessary strong because its purpose must be essentially that of “present” in the dark, lines, contours or small spaces.

In this context it is possible to use fluorescent lamps, provided that the power is good, with a lighting system offering multiple light points. It is not easy illuminate the entire surface of the external wall, especially if we do consider lighting system made of led lights because actually they are inefficient for extensive areas.

Lamps and metal iodide spotlights and sodium-vapour, they are the possible solutions, as they provide a good power and a right compromise between consumption and development in light.

Outdoor lighting with Ferroluce Gorizia a 386  Outdoor lighting with Ilfanale calmaggiore

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A metallic iodide projector 300w is able to generate a light equivalent to 500w of an halogen lamp. Obviously, we may have the same power using energy-saving lights but with very few exceptions we may reach the same result. The light coming from metal iodide lighting devices has “more force” and is able to cover larger distances, on the contrary fluorescent lamps which, for the same power, have a reduced range of action.

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